Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Connect Day

When a day has the same number for both month and day it is a Match Day. We call June 6th Connect Day, in honor of the first Internet connection made on this day in 1969.

Here’s a brief look at the numbers behind today’s top news stories, many of which are particularly sobering, to see if we can make some connections and some sense from it all:

A mass Holocaust grave was discovered in the Ukraine, one of 250 to 300 sites where 1.5 million Ukrainian Jews were believed to have been killed by the Nazis.

A UN High Commissioner for Refugees spokesperson said that since the start of the Iraqi war, 2.2 million Iraqis have left the country and another 2 million have been driven from their homes.

On a lighter note, Microsoft will today debut the Surface, a $10,000 computer in a table. Apple got into the music business, why not Microsoft into the furniture business? It’s working for Martha.

With gas prices at all time highs but competition from Toyota even higher, Honda will discontinue the hybrid version of its Accord sedan. I wonder what business Honda’s planning on getting into.

The connection? Perhaps if we spent more time on the Internet, or with our Microsoft furniture and Toyota hybrids, we would have less time to kill and make refugees of each other.

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