Friday, July 13, 2007

Height in the news

In China, the world’s tallest man married a woman half his age and 27” shorter.

In the US, the Dow reached record heights with a 284 point gain.

And high humidity is helping California firefighters end the blaze that burned over 54 square miles in the Inyo National Forest.

High can be good. But there can be a flip side.

At 7’9” Bao Xishun finds it hard to bend his knees due to arthritis. I hope he’s got strong arms – his wife is only five foot six – just to kiss her if he can’t bend down he’s going to have to lift her up.

Some analysts say the Dow advanced in part because short sellers needed to buy to cut their losses and the rally won’t last.

The high percentage of water in the air didn’t do enough in Utah, where firefighters still fight the biggest blaze in state history, having burned an area 10 times larger than the Inyo blaze: over 549 square miles.

High morals also made the news. In New York producers of an off-Broadway show called “My First Time” gave free tickets to virgins who could demonstrate their chastity. I understand how you can demonstrate that you’re not a virgin, it’s the converse that’s a little tricky. At least our youth gets high marks for their sexual activity – or rather for their restraint: A government report being released today said 47 percent of high school students reported having sexual intercourse in 2005, down from 54 percent in 1991.

Over time the Dow will be up and then down, and the fires will burn and die. Let’s just hope Bao Xishun and his new bride stay at 100% for awhile.

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