Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What would we do without O.J. Simpson?

His approval ratings may be low, but he’s as newsworthy as ever. President Bush? Senator Craig? Nope, we’re talking about OJ.

Google OJ Simpson and you’ll get 11.6 million results. So where does that rank among others with low approval ratings? President Bush gets 45 million; Senator Craig just 1.1 million. Apparently one good way to lower your visibility is to deny that you’re gay.

Britney Spears got 61% more results than the president with 72.3 million. Among other bad girls in the news, Paris Hilton came in 2nd with 40.6 million. Lindsay Lohan couldn’t even break eight figures; she had under 10 million Google results.

Math’s most famous and longstanding mystery – finding a proof for Fermat’s Last Theorem – was finally solved by Professor Andrew Wiles. But he gets only 158,000 Google results. Albert Einstein garnered four million.

Einstein is still way behind OJ but I have faith: given enough of the fourth dimension of time, Einstein will eventually triumph.

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